Real-Time global payments

Send and receive global payments from your accounting software 24/7/365 within seconds. For much less than 0.01 USD. Using international financial ISO 20022 standard for maximum compatibility.


How it works


Import payment instructions from your accounting software as ISO 20022 pain.001 XML. Use ledger native token or any fiat currency.


Payments are converted into Cryptocurrency payments at current exchange rates and sent to their receivers.


Fetch received payments from your Cryptocurrency wallet. Optionally apply exchange rates at payment time to convert amounts back into fiat currency.


Export received payments for your accounting software as ISO 20022 camt.054 XML. Use received cryptocurrency token or fiat amounts.

Sending & receiving payments in action



Send & Receive payments within seconds. Globally.

Cheap transactions

Costs per transaction with e.g. XRPL normally ~0.000004 EUR.

24h available

Process payments 24/7/365. Also on weekends and public holidays.

FX rates in advance

See possible applied exchange rates before sending a payment.

Easy data exchange

Global ISO 20022 standard enables a flawless import / export.


Reexport unprocessed payments back into pain.001 for further bank processing.

Know more

View more info about receiver wallets from additional sources.

Flexible usage

Send payments using ledgers native token (e.g. XRP, Bitcoin) or any XRPL issued currency like USD.GateHub or EUR.Bitstamp.

100% Transparency

Detailed insights about what's going on.


Accounting software only needs to understand ISO 20022 formats (pain.001, camt.054).

Easy integration

Keep your established internal workflows as they are.


Enables payment process optimizations never seen before.

Secrets remain secret

By using an external wallet to sign payments, your secrets are never exposed to this software.

No Cloud

Runs locally on your computer. Connect to any endpoint to interact with the payment network.

Privacy friendly

No data or usage is collected. You're not getting identified or tracked.


Building your own binary from our public sources allows you to ensure it's only included what you expect.


ISO 20022 compatible software

An accounting / financial software able to export payment instructions as ISO 20022 pain.001 for sending and import received payment information as camt.054 XMLs for receiving.


Access to a Wallet to fund your payments. Using an external secret storage like Xumm for XRPL or BitBox02 for Bitoin, to keep access secure is recommended.

Payments are supported via XRPL, Xahau and Bitcoin.

Innovative Partners

Customers and creditors willing to send & receive payments by cryptocurrency. Amounts can be sent as its native token (e.g. XRP, Bitcoin) or any XRPL issued currency like USD.GateHub or EUR.Bitstamp.


Free of charge

Use this software for free without any limitations. This may change in the future.


See release notes for detailed changes.

Getting Started

Switch from LIVENET to TESTNET in DalliPay (globe top right) to test sending processes at no costs. You can create test wallets in DalliPay (Options) or on XRP Faucets. Ensure you select "Testnet" and click "Generate Testnet credentials".

Warning Sent payments cannot be reversed. Wrong receivers on LIVENET result in a permanent loss of funds. Test your processes on TESTNET until you feel comfortable to switch.

New to XRPL?

If XRP Ledger (XRPL) is new to you, take your time and read more in our overview first.


Shows how to install DalliPay and explains first steps after starting for the first time.

Send Payments

Shows how to import an ISO 20022 pain.001 XML from your accounting software, prepare and send them.

Receive Payments

Shows how to fetch received payments and export them as ISO 20022 camt.054 XML for your accounting software.

Pay Swiss QR Bill

Shows how to pay a Swiss QR Bill or EPC QR code (Girocode) using DalliPay.

More videos

Checkout our YouTube Channel for more videos.

Hints and Tips

Don't share secrets

Don't share your secret (seed) with anyone. Everyone having access to your secret has full control over your wallet and funds.

Cryptocurrency in accounting

Most accounting softwares support foreign currencies like USD, EUR and others. By adding a cryptocurrency (e.g. XRP or Bitcoin) as foreign currency, you can book directly in cryptocurrencies and don't have to apply any foreign currency conversion in DalliPay anymore.

Multiple currencies

Receiving amounts in different currencies like USD or EUR into DalliPay can be made easier if you use one wallet per currency.

Set wallet Domain (XRPL)

Define domain setting for your XRPL wallet used for sending amounts. This helps your receiver to identify you as a sender.


If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to help by email.
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